Switchgear Construction


Switchgear Construction

Achenbach Controls is specialized in customer-specific switchgear constructions with most different hardware components and by meeting international requirements.

For example, constructions being exported to the USA or Canada are designed according to the UL-standards.

If required Achenbach Controls also constructs individual switchgears on the basis of circuit diagrams made available by the customer.

After the manufacturing each switchgear is checked regarding both, its functioning according to the specifications and the keeping of relevant standards especially according to DIN EN 60204-1 or DIN EN 61439-1/ -2. A written test report is made subsequently.The continuous investment in the latest technology at Achenbach Controls makes an important contribution to ensure the high quality requirements such as high dimensional accuracy.

    With respect to the switchgear construction that means concretely:

    • The complete mechanical processing of the switching cabinet components such as assembly plates, doors, side panels or roofs, but also single terminal boxes or control panels are realized on the machining center Perforex BC 1007 HS by Rittal: drilling, threading, milling, and engraving are made fully automatic; the programming bases optionally on an easy or component-oriented workshop programming or on CAD data exported via ePLAN® Pro Panel or AutoCAD.
    • In order to optimize the wiring effort and to avoid wiring mistakes, pre-assembled wires and single conductors are used. The CAD data, also imported from ePLAN® Pro Panel, are the manufacturing basis.

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