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Electrical switchgear and equipment

High competence and long experience in the form of worldwide references

Achenbach Controls’ product range comprises the planning, the design and realization of electrical switchgear and equipment especially for Achenbach Buschhuetten’s machinery such as rolling mills and foil slitting machines or the related media systems but also for industrial furnaces, cleaning systems, textile machinery, extruder systems, pressing machinery, and compensation systems as well as for the complete special machine building industry in general. Achenbach Controls is professionally supported by its subsidiary Achenbach Systems in Milenov (Czech Republic).

Achenbach Controls’ quality management system with certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 as well as regular audits guarantee highest quality standards.

Firstly, Achenbach Controls proves partnership by its high flexibility with respect to individual solutions and precise timing. It is complemented by a high spirit of support in the form of consulting, a wide range of cooperative spare parts service and systems service reaching from planned service jobs in the sense of predictive maintenance up to spontaneous service in any case of failure.

Achenbach Controls provides its supply and services not only for new machinery but also in the context of the modernization of existing machinery and systems where it is important to maintain the production process despite restruction. 


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